JUN 06. 2005
why freibesetzt

es ist doch eh so angenehm in der stadt. alle gehen zur arbeit, verdienen ihr geld, gehen damit dann einkaufen und miete und strom zahlen.bürotürme werden dunkel, in wohnhäusern flackert das breitband TV licht... MORE


FEB 26. 2005
The Struggle for Freespaces in Vienna

In a city full of empty buildings in a country in it's fifth year under the conservative "schwarz-blau" government, a common crisis point has evolved for a number of different urban freespaces in Vienna. This document collects together various statements and recent press releases to create a window into the present precarious situation for a range of self-organised initiatives. MORE


FEB 07. 2005
A View on the Alternative Realities of Freespaces
Innbetween Text for the Paper House Zine at Taiwan Biennial Oct. 2004

So you want a few “personal” lines about “freespaces” in Rotterdam? Well, it is not the first time we find ourselves writing about this topic. In addition to our own interest in the theme, a lot of writing, editting and publishing work is necessary in the current battle for the future existence of our group within the walls of a very special building, the Poortgebouw. Often it’s pretty dry explanations as opposed to our more colorful fantasies and imaginations. MORE


MAR. 2004
Open Issues Interview
Online version of Innbetween Interview by Steven Kucharski for “Open Issues” magazine about artist living and working in Rotterdam. The conversation includes stories around the themes of mobility, legality and self-employed work in the EU, city planning and gentrification and the importance of freespaces in the city.

“...what does it mean to be an Austrian, Canadian or American artist in the Netherlands, and how did you get there? How is it prescribed that you should be there? Well, it’s easy when you have enough money…you know, it a very blurry part in the written bureaucracy of how this should happen for artists. But also, how do you want to work? Can you actually do what you want to do in Rotterdam within a three-month tourist Visa? Can you do that with a residency permit? Can you do it with an invitation from a gallery? This is something that since we have been living here has become very important to address within our work, and to realize how this situation affects one’s life, one’s artwork or whatever...” MORE



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