JUL 05. 2005 NEWS / NL

Pakhuis Afrika Eviction

Cultural free space Pakhuis Afrika was suddenly evicted on 17 june. Because of this many autonomous initiatives and the inhabitants ended up on the streets. During the 2 years that the warehouse was squatted many volunteers worked hard to make the the empty, concrete giant inhabitable, install utility facilities and create space to house various projects. There were a cinema, concert hall, people's kitchen, music cafe, artists' ateliers, workshops, practise and teaching spaces, living spaces and more. All these projects are kicked out by the municipality under the pretext of safety hazard. This while the copperation with the municipality seemed to go well. And who is the laughing third? Project developer Heijmans who can now continue to specualte with his glass dream castle along the Y-banks. And the city of Amsterdam lost another piece of uniqueness and true creativity....










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