Kraakspreekuur /Rotterdam
In Vienna at the June 29 Opening and until July 2 or so...

The Kraakspreekuur R:dam (Squatting Office Hours) are integral contributors to the “freespace” in Rotterdam and for the Paper House which reflects much of their work and assistance throughout the decades.

During Squatting Office Hours (KSU) one can receive both practical and legal information, often in addition to a squatting manual. The KSU gathers information on buildings empty for longer than one year and keeps records of the squatted buildings. The KSU has useful tools such as skeleton keys and often personally help with the squatting. Sometimes inhabitants would drop their keys off at the Office when they moved. Currently, there is only one KSU in the Rotterdam every Wednesday between 3 pm and 5 pm at the Young People’s Information Point on the Mathenesslaan 173. They can be reached by telephone at 010 - 4362544 or email

1979: The first Squatting Office Hour was held at the Bureau for Legal Aid on the Teilingerstraat. This Office Hour was organised by the Committee Housing for the Young. Later, Office Hours were held in Oude Noorden, Het Poortgebouw, Bospolder Tussendijken, Galerie Slaaphanger and in the corner shop on the Jan Kruyffstraat.

The invited members of the KSU are also initiators/producers of the Rotterdam ’Zine “Trammelant”. Trammelant was and is the legendary black and white Rotterdam free magazin that focuses (among other things) on Squatting. It has existed since October 2002 which in the ’Zine world is actually quite long. The word “Trammelant” is a dutch word for disturbance, clamor, tumult or ruckus. Although the emphasis so far has been squatting —and particularly the Rotterdam Squat scene— you are likely to find some other interesting underground info on diverse topics. In past this info has touched upon veganism, alternative building/living, parliamentary politics, dumpster diving, comics, laws, police, nonsense, listings and reviews of cheap restaurants and other. So far the “Extreem” party and event agenda’s which keeps people up date of interesting underground and/or punk gigs and events in Rotterdam and other Dutch Cities. The ’Zine comes out about every 45 days, sometimes sooner, usually somewhat later.

A (near) complete collection of Trammelant’s will be present for perusal at the KHEX.



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