Endiche Vis.Sat (Lithuania)
July 12, 2005
in WUK Foyer Raum during Fluc im Exil

Ramunas Yaras, a Lithuanian 33 year old music professional and creator of experimental music solo theater ENDICHE VIS.SAT, is known for his inventive musical ventures, multi-stylistic stage productions and as an organizer of countless actions, both planned and spontaneous. Ramunas Yaras has released twelve music albums (starting from 1993), and gives frequent concerts in various countries (from 1997).
At European concerts of his ENDICHE VIS.SAT solo theater, Ramunas Yaras uses various puppets, masks and different instruments accompanied by a wide display of costume design, by bringing in theatrical elements as well expressing his avant-garde ideas. He sings, dances, uses fireworks, plays clarinets, various keyboards, etc. He alone uses different equipment to create a dense continuum of rich sound.

1989 and the revolution in Eastern Europe is the starting point of much that is avant-garde in Lithuania today. The ENDICHE VIS.SAT solo theater was born a twin sister to the internationally famous “Singing Revolution”, organized in 1990, which was to put more wood on the decisive fire which then led to the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Within this dramatical aura of historical significance, Ramunas Yaras appears in the local musical scene as a leader in all revolutionary musical development in Lithuania. Ramunas Yaras seeks not merely to satisfy the outer realms of the audience’s thirst for virtuosity, but is missionary in the sense that he turns his performances and recordings into a medium which addresses the listener’s attention towards the Spiritual. Ramunas Yaras and each of ENDICHE VIS.SAT members works tirelessly to fulfill this task, dedicating all of his/her creative energy to serve this one clear and genuine goal.





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