Can the perception of a dancing monkey interfect the host Japanese mentality beyond gaijin entertainment value? The imposed condition of alien, foreigner, and outsider informed this case study commissioned by the Osaka College of Technology. The competition proposal for a "bellybutton" in Osaka interprets the repeated destruction of the Tennoji Bridge, fabled as a historically crucial crossing point of the Yodo River to Osakajo castle. The Yodo, once a vital trade route and the source of fresh water for the city, is the metaphoric an umbilical cord flowing from the Biwa Lake in the mountains around Kyoto, the symbolic mother. The bellybutton is a scar, symbolic of the loss of the mother, inhabited by the lint of the city.

Competition proposal / 70 x 150 cm / pencil and collage, model
Developed in the framework of studio lectures and workshops at the Osaka College of Technology, Japan. Presentation at Takenaka Corporation in Osaka