Dear participant and visitor of CIVIC TV,

Thank you very much for joining Civic TV and related efforts! We find it

very important to document and collect some afterthoughts/reflections of

this first extraordinary episode. Therefore, we would like to ask you to

answer the following questions, or some of them you like. Your contribution

will-together with recorded visual and audio material from that afternoon-be

inworked into a report which aims to encapsulate the experience of Civic TV.

Some images can be found here:

best regards,

peter~christine (WHY)





I attended Civic TV from to

1. "...Civic TV is a one day event that will present various approaches to

understand, use & criticise the urban environment and how these practices

are sustained."

In what way/in how far (if even) do you think this objective was



2. "CIVIC TV aims to present the building stones from which a new urban

mythology can be constructed. "

Describe shortly the character/role that you "played" in Civic TV..


3. Was there anything/any point where you thought "What the hell does this

have to do with my understanding of Civic TV?"


4. How would you describe the relationship between the ideas present in

Civic TV to the place (the Poortgebouw and surrounding Kop van Zuid) where

it was held?


5. "Rotterdam is going to hell. What can we do about it?"

Through/after the first episode of Civic TV, what kind of potential energy

do you sense that could further counterbalance the forces (politics, market

economy, social/professional norms etc.) constructing the civic normality?



(Please forward this questionairre to anyone you know was present at Civic

TV (friends, colleagues, etc.). The participants themselves have all been




R. B. <

Thursday, December 11, 2003 1:17 PM

Dear civic TV,

I will give you feedback with a short critique rather

than answering all your questions because I know too

little about Rotterdam realities.

Generally, I enjoyed the event as such. We felt

warmheartedly welcome and we value your efforts to

create a relaxed atmosphere. I enjoyed very much the

walk we were doing in the beginning because it gave us

the possibility to really get to know Rotterdam. I

think we landed in places where we otherwise never

would have landed. Thje walk as well sparked off an

interesting discussion about architecture amongst us.

Contentwise, I had the feeling that the event lacked a

bit of focus. I think that many participants talked

along each other, not really to each other. As well it

was a pity that many participants left early.

Nevertheless, in the end we had some interesting

informal talks with people. I can just advise you to

repeat such an event.

Thanks again for inviting us.

So, keep on!

robert b (participant)




nino serbest <>

Thursday, December 11, 2003 4:14 AM

dear civic tv orga-team,

sorry i couldn`t respond to your reminder mail earlier, but tomorrow the new version of the homesite will go online which i will send you for the documentation. robert and me participated with "immaterial architecture and the lairesse buurt archief project". i will also try to answer your questions.

sorry for the delay,

yours. nino. (participant)

Wednesday, December 10, 2003 7:12 PM

dear civic tv

De Hondenkoekjesfabriek are outsiders by choice.

We approach our subject as if we were total idiots,

we dive in on impulse at a random spot,

have no set plan,no system,we grab whatever comes along first

or is coincidently there.

The result of our actions are subjective,emotional and accidental,

any greater idea or vision is usually made up afterwards to suggest

some kind of coherence.

At civic tv we found ourselves amongst artists and activists who

most of them worked in a very different way;

We saw thoroughly constructed images and ideas

presented in a 'clean' business-like/practical and very rational way.

We met artists who shown a calculating ,annalitical approach to carefully

chosen subject-matter.

Presented were very basic allmost abstract or blue-print-like tactics and

systems for constructing or deconstructing and\or dealing with-

the urban inviroment.

We found a lot of these ideas very inspiring and they generated lots

of ideas and questions such as;

Can you adapt the tactics and strategies of your enemy/opponent

without being also infected by the very same ideas that you are fighting


Can science add anything of value to art ,or is it just a limited approach

dictated by fear of chaos ,and is therefore the intuitive approach more

capable of dealing-with

and understanding complex multilayered systems like the urban inviroment?

Is abstraction a male/masculine thing?Is it an excuse to not having to

deal with

real people and real emotions?Is it powerplay ;in a sense that some of the

very basic

abstract structures presented seemed to require of people to be present from

the very first step in order to understand the complex roll of events


that step;so is it not only meant for insiders or an elite group?

So you see

lots of things we're trying to deal with here,

in our little factory

in the east of holland,

on the empty hardly populated green countryside

far away from any urban stress.

got to go now,

our cow needs milking.

bye bye

monomarc (participant)





Subject: Re: reminder: CIVIC TV QUESTIONAIRRE

Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 21:08:17 +0100

From: Daniela Swarowsky <>



MOST PREOCCUPIED WITH:all about the city, migration, experimental music, life & art, occupying space for creating free zones

I attended Civic TV from ca 3pm to the end

1. I would have liked one person to bring all the different speakers together & have them talk about some more specific questions in a moderated way. and give the audience a chance to come in differently.

2. no other role than usual

3. the content was interesting, but too much at once. would be nice as a regular format, like 5,6 times a year. 3,4 presentations max and more discussions inbetween and afterwards would have been. different, less frontal setting. there wasn't any room to meet up with people afterwards in a relaxed setting. I didn't hear any introduction - so I did not know what idea is behind Civic TV. For outsiders, with no knowledge of the current discourse, impossible to follow.

Civic TV for an intellectual elite. don't know if you want to reach out further?

4. Christine & Peter know interesting people & they bring them now to Poortgebouw, cause they have found a space, where they have the freedom to do what they wanna do. And that's great!

Ok, Poortgebouw is one of the few existing free zones in this f...... city, and next to it is one nice example and field study of how this city is dealing with it's urban challenges.

5. have Civic TV rotate in a nomadic way through all the existing 'free zones' in Rotterdam (you are most welcome to do one at Wohlfahrt) & link those spaces more to each other. that might create more synergy and a stronger counterbalance, if people related to such spaces collaborate more.



Wilfried Hou Je Bek (co-organizer) <>

Friday, December 5, 2003 10:55 AM

hi there,

I have been looking at your questions a couple of

times now, but I can't really respond to it as having

invited almost anybody.

my comment doens't go further then: it was eski!



> I attended Civic TV from to

the entire day


From: "alex hart" (poortgebouw) <>

To: <>

Subject: Re: reminder: CIVIC TV QUESTIONAIRRE

Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 11:40:00 -0800



MOST PREOCCUPIED WITH:wondering what it is I'm supoosed to be doing next..

I attended Civic TV from to

sorry chaps, I really didn't catch enough of the content of the event to be able to provide any useful comments...


Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 23:36:54 +0000

From: Saul Albert (remote participant) <>

To: W H Y <>

Subject: Re: reality killed the satellite star

> civic tv has come and gone with much energy and leaving us with still little

> at the moment. there were 15 people/groups presenting ideas in the marathon

> afternoon. that is a big part of the reason that we drifted into web

> silence. about two weeks before, a long list of participants began

> coagulating around us, many from wilfried's cartographic sadist network,

> leading to a mild reconception of how the afternoon would best be pulled

> off. and it was, as wilfried would say, eski. just that the balancing act of

> civic tv with other projects simultaneously didn't leave the time we needed

> to collab on the antestate agency synchronization.

nor did I really, and remote collaboration should always take a backseat to

face to face - I mean, how annoying is it when someone prioritises the phone

when you're trying to talk to them...

> things calm down a bit and hopefully we can think more about it again.

> nevertheless, your name never left the list on the website, so atleast it

> was good advertising!

heh.. yes yes, the message must get out by all means necessary. even

imaginary collaborations ;)


Subject: Re: AW: Civic TV nachlese etc.

Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 12:02:39 +0100

From: Oliver Ressler (CIVIC TV 2 participant) <>Hallo,

ich habe diese E-Mail von Martin Krenn gestern an euch als CC bekommen.

Ich bin grundsätzlich sehr daran interessiert, mit euch im nächsten Jahr

zu kooperieren.

Informationen zu meinen Videos, themenspezifischen Installationen und

Projekten im öffentlichen Raum gibt es auf

Freue mich dann, bald mal von euch zu hören!

liebe Grüße

Oliver Ressler



Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 11:35:59 +0100


From: "iris s" <>


GIVEN NAME: iris schutten - de ruimte (participant)

MOST PREOCCUPIED WITH: architecture - urban planning - public art

I attended Civic TV from ca 12 pm to ca 18? pm.

1. - the first objective (present various approaches to

understand, use & criticise the urban environment) succeeded pretty well, about the second ( and how these practices

are sustained.) i don't know..

2. - gave presentation/ preview on a book "interfering" (a collection of and about contextual interventions in urban space) which greatly deals with personalizing the city

- happy visitor

3. -cicvic tv itself - i mean i didn't know civic tv before..


4. - the contradiction between the two (poort-kopvanzuid) is i think one of the main issues of civic tv as i understand it

5. - the sense that the urban is our own stage to enjoy/explore/change/use

- seeing different project gives and renews this energy



Thank you for the very good organisation and the very interesting program. It has a big value to bring together all these people, information and knowledge. I hope we can meet each other in more opportunities

Hieke Pars


GIVEN NAME: Hieke Pars (participant) (together with Iris Schutten- de Ruimte about the publication Interfering)


I attended Civic TV from to ca

1. it was mostly on the level of information-giving and exchange. It was too short in time for and to many information to come to a point of criticising, debating, more understanding

2. By presenting the publication Interfering giving some statements about the role of imagination in the city by transforming, descibing, giving new functions, interpretating, little-scale interventions, new routes etc.


3. The presentation of Platvorm Gras

4. I know not enough about the function, meaning of the Poortgebouw in this moment to give an opinion

5. in any way to continue with this kind of meetings and exchange; to realise more cross-overs to see in what way we can use each-others skills in the domain in which each other is working, to publicate and investigate


Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 13:41:23 +0100

Subject: 22 nov

From: "iris s" <>

well - a week later - thanks fot the inspiring afternoon at the poortgebouw.

it was nice to have all these poeple together! greetings -

iris schutten,

architecture studio de ruimte



From: "Martin Krenn" (CIVIC TV 2 participant) <>

To: "W H Y" <>

Subject: AW: Civic TV nachlese etc.

Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 10:12:01 +0100

liebe christine und peter,

schade, dass sich diesmal nichts ergeben hat!

hier ist die e-mail von oliver -,

da wir von unserer kunst leben, müssen wir leider honorare, reisekosten und

screeninggebühren in rechnung stellen.

ein screening kostet je nach institution 150 - 250 euro, mein honorar für

einen vortrag beträgt 150 euro und die unterbringung + reisekosten stellt

dann die jeweilige institution zur verfügung.

bis zum nächsten mal,

liebe grüße






> Derk Reneman (participant)




> I attended Civic TV from to 12h-18h


> 3. during the presentation of ‘autonoom centrum’. Although it is very important

>> this topic is made public and pushed towrds more open public debate, it

>> seemed not relevant to me in relation to the goals predetermined for CIVIC

>> TV.


> 5. The lots and lots of alternatives for urban plannning, public debate and

public voice in decission-maiking-city-hall-council... Are all well worth

publicizing... Although some need a bit more development


From: "J Visscher" <>



Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 21:16:34 +0000



>I attended Civic TV all day last Saturday




>1. Several forms of entertainment and information (infotainment?) by several participants using various disciplines. Works pretty well.


>2. I was a teenage (not really) werewolf/supervision 3000 agent



>3. No



>4. This relationship is very close since the Poortgebouw and surrounding area are very much a focus point for Rotterdam's urban development conspirators and therefore a continous point of discussion


>5. a. More widespread media access: radio, tv, billboards, newspapers

b. More provocative, thought challenging propaganda




Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 21:38:52 +0100


From: "Anneke Auer" <>


GIVEN NAME: Anneke Auer


I attended Civic TV from ca.14 pm to ca

1. Pretty far.

2. Curious visitor?

3. No?

4. Serious presentations in a squat.

5. I sensed that everybody was busy with their own project, and each on their

own island. Except for the Autonoom Centrum (and perhaps Studio Popcorn, but

only in their theories), these people showed a kind of openness towards

collaboration and enthousiasm for tangible action. The others appeared to be

hermetic little projects only serving themselves and their own interests. If

something can be done about Rotterdam, first there should be a coming

together of ideas, possibilities and objectives. And people! The noses

should point one way, and only then plans for tangible action can be made.

I am pessimistic from what I've seen at Civic TV. I thought most

presentations were extremely political correct and there was a blatant

(perhaps contemporary) lack of idealism. The presentation of Hieke Pars made

me puke: pure gentrification art.