Hosted by the Technical Museum in Vienna, Europrix 98 was the first official prize for European multimedia design. The temporary installation created a hyper-interior which enveloped the visitors in a single, seamless multimedia environment: the "digital marketplace". The project was an experiment in curating and mediating the implosive potential of multiple disciplines and resources, breeding a mediatectural design language.


A 12-meter projection surface liquified the neo-classical fašade of the museum, initating the visitors for their passage through a series of thematic color and sound environments derived from the event program to dramatize the European Union. Upon arrival in the main exhibition hall a monstrous 20-meter-high "whale tail" lured visitors into a sculptural environment of wind-swept forms that seemingly harnessed unpredictable digital forces. Sensuous animations circulated within a precarious installation of tensile membrane structures to form a cinematic dome. Indeterminacy was the central condition. The fluctuation in the lighting of the glass roof and the looped animations combined to create a place with a fluctuating mood. Ambient music interwoven with phantom sounds of extinct industrial processes produced a hallucinatory experience, bringing together presence, form, and information into a cohesive whole. Within the digital marketplace the audience could freely explore the content of the six prize categories and make their own decisions via SIVIT interactive touch screens developed in collaboration with Iqena (Bonn) and Siemens.


Concept, dramaturgy, procession, and tensile architecture in collaboration with Dip. Arch. Axel Prichard-Schmitzberger for Nofrontiere Design. Art Direction: Nofrontiere Design.