Momonokidai is a new village planned in the void left from excavating a mountain of earth in the Hakotsukuri district to create the island of Renzo Piano's Kansai Airport. Within the surreal landscape of unfinished streets, only a post-modern town hall and a distant neighborhood of single family homes provided context for the competition program for a community center. The proposal atomizes the site into various seeds scattered across Hakotsukuri becoming parasites within future constructions. The autonomous pods are intended as temples of the individual, an information infrastructure to subvert the prevailing notion of Japanese community sustained by submissive conformity and cultural homogeneity.

Competition proposals for a community center in Momonokidai, Hakotsukuri. Studio lectures and workshops at the Osaka College of Technology, Japan. Exhibition at Takenaka Corporation Osaka.


Site Studies

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Proposal Hakotsukuri Community Center for the Individual