Created by the shifting dynamic of the port, temporal transition zones emerge becoming the sites of potential urban development. These INNBETWEEN grounds are microcosms of Rotterdam’s constant reconstruction complex and share the DNA of official communications. They are also a manageable scale for intervention. The Lloydkwartier is of particular interest.

It is incomplete, innbetween its invisible legacy as a hub of mobility, former home to the Rotterdamsche-Lloyd, and its future as "een stad in een stad", an ensemble integrating com-mercial and residential, with emphasis on the AV/ICT industry. The Lloydpier was an interface, a place of first steps and last, mediating the Netherlands with Dutch colonies and various other destinations. Presently, only ghosts of its former PORT function remain, most evidence of its heritage torn down or in ruin. Nostalgia will play the lead role in the dS+V’s intention to shape and attract an "experimental" community of tomorrow.

INNBETWEEN is often the most interesting period, between genesis and vision, the before and an after, where buried stories reveal themselves and imminent plans emerge from the mud. Conscious that the extended construction period (min. 10 more years) necessitates an INNBETWEEN communication, the dS+V have indicated an interest in continued dialogue with us. Parallel, the BKOR division of the CBK has been contracted to define a role for art in the public spaces of Lloydkwartier. Our intention is to develop a symbiotic implant and chemical balancing act within the construction process at this stage of transformation from residual port to urban fabric.