The [INN]BETWEEN physically is a temporary installation of an autonomous vessel, a "werken en wonen" mix-use werkstatt, in a future public space on the Lloydpier. Within a generic yet res-ponsive architecture consisting of shipping containers or modular building site units, it is not so much the aesthetic of the walled space as the aesthetic of the event that takes place within, the activity formulated in the programme that is of critical significance. The INN is a sign and signifier for a way of thinking not another Maas event, the Black Cube in 3D City.

The [INN]BETWEEN illuminates a dense matrix of scenarios possible within the intentions and communications of the City of Architecture and the Lloydkwartier Project as a storytelling machine, a social laboratory where shallow word-characters are dissected and reconstructed in a Punch and Judy theater of history. Interfecting the hidden network of other innbetween places, it functions as a gravitationspunkt to reveal doors to other Rotterdams through the reappropriation of the word-characters. The ancient magick of the storyteller to understand what is vitally important to the audience expands the apostrophised rationalism of the City of Architecture. A one-liner to the 11th dimension.

The [INN]BETWEEN is a place of demonstration not heroically intent on disruption or reversal of trends rather poetically intent on cross-fertilization and impregnation of the dominant monologic with hidden schizophrenias. It is the satellite headquarters, an unbiased plug-INN into the existing matrix of self-contained nervous systems, an avatar proprioceptively extending multiple centralized authors. Often coincidental overlaps demonstrate the benefits of "what the other one is talking about...", useful in stimulating therapeutic erections7 in the City of Architecture.

The [INN]BETWEEN injection of the pars pro toto approach into the heart8 of construction process proposes a new role for art in public space. What is this community of tomorrow and what values will define it? Lloydkwartier becomes een stad in een stad through hosting a village voice, the Why Rotterdam city magazine, a dossier of Rotterdams of tomorrow. As a microcosm of the City of Architecture, the Lloydkwartier and its pioneers offer a multi-layered stageset dramatized by the teledildonic scenography of the INN. A charisma of place is stimulated through contextualizing current hidden one-to-one perspectives of Rotterdam within the rich Karma-mel9 of this stageset. This Inntervention potentially leads to the creation, curation and resurrection of activities or artistic statements, permanent or temporary, on the grounds of this evolving community.

The [INN]BETWEEN is not a bar or a hotel. There are stories of INNS which individuals travelling in the reality storm10 come upon by chance encounter and are able to "speak their mind" with a few others. As a MENTAL PORT, it offers forum to collisions unheard or unimagined, WHY and WHAT IF scenarios on a backstage of lost conversation, where the [INN]keepers deejay synchronicities in the tales of different travellers. Stories like these do not go unrepeated.



7. Sigmund Freud: Das Unbewusste

8. Nick Ogre: Too Dark Park

9. Peter Lamborn Wilson: the Illuminatus

10. Neil Gaiman: Sandman-World’s End