In a Viennese cellar, where the existing space shifted and slid like a cubist sculpture, a local restaurant mogul desired a plan for a fast-food Wagamama style Japanese restaurant integrating a graphic concept with the interior. It began with an idea of frames, inspired by Kanji pictograms, which would develop   a distinct language of symbols for the logo, menus and navigation in the restaurant. The framing concept clearly defines the circulation encouraging a quick turnover. Upon descent, a 7m long standing bar, also one of many perspectival experiments in the sculpted space, reinforces the movement patterns and organising the dining in this refectory-style restaurant. An austere material and color palette allows the visitor to focus on the real art: the food.

Concept and pre-design in collaboration with Thomas Kiang. Interior and Industrial design in collaboration with Dip. Arch. Axel Prichard-Schmitzberger, Alexander Szadeczky. Graphic design: Sabine Kleedorfer.

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