An invitation by KunstXpress during the September in Rotterdam 2002 festival to address the focal theme of the weekend: “Reacting to your built environment”. In overlapping performance, composed image and sound environments with live drumming, Skeptik Tank amplified the democratic right to question the forces ordering the physical environment. On a stage of Atelier van Lieshout containers located next to the Netherlands Architecture Institute, Innbetween and Black Lodge theatrically combined forces to reveal the silent dictatorship of city planning and architecture as instruments of the conservative government’s #1 directive: VEILIGHEID! (safety). As allegories of the symbiotic forces of destruction and reconstruction, MAY 1940: Die Deutsche Bombe and Manhattan on the Maas present their portfolios though image of story and then implore for the audience’s participation in these processes. But... people are conditioned not even to ask. The costumed characters become entranced by a distant military march only to become instruments themselves of the two officers in blue, beating the drums, until hanging themselves from the gallows in public space.

If the public were shocked out of their robotic sleep at another time, the “Wensmuur” (wishing wall), with weekly questionnaires, extracted the audienceÕs opinion with the offer that their comments would be directed to the appropriate government offices. 25 minutes of Maasdadaism.

Performance, sound/image dramaturgical concept INNBETWEEN: Christine Schoeffler & Peter Blakeney, sound/live performance in collaboration with BLACK LODGE.

1. Storyboard from Sept. 21 performance of Skeptik Tank

2. Propaganda (Dutch version only)