In the last year in Rotterdam we have seen a rapid increase in the number of politie, toezicht & beveiligings personnel, buurtagents and any other possible form of supervision. Some have guns, some walkie-talkies, some just a pad of paper, and others are just walking around SLOWLY: but they are all supervising you.


But do you know what exactly they are supervising? Why do they walk so slow staring suspiciously at inanimate objects? What are they really writing about in their black notebooks? The repetitive veiligheidsindex, waarden en normen, overlast, hangjongeren, hotspots, resultaat op straat...-WHO defines this?


Now,YOU can.
The toezicht (supervision) industry is a rapidly growing economy in Rotterdam and we should all profit from that market sector!

Sign up as an agent of SUPERVISION 3000 and you are authorized to

WEAR a blue shirt
WALK around slowly
CARRY a notebook
LOOK empowered
• APPLY your values and norms
• OBSERVE what makes you feel unsafe and annoyed
• MAP your problem zones
• FILE reports to the headquarters

For maximum effect of the new toezicht system we are looking for volunteer agents to patrol the public spaces and streets of Rotterdam in groups of minimum 2 persons (uniformity illusion!).

We are looking for experts in diverse fields: the Art Corps can i.e. inspect i.e. the massaculturele overlast created by hangouderen or calculate the stupidification-dangerfactor at the festival opening borrels. But don’t forget about architecture, fun-shopping or eating habits! You can even lead your own (exclusive) department.



SUPERVISION 3000 exists only through YOUR super vision. Only together will we assemble a genuine Rotterdam encyclopedia of reports, complaints and investigations that testify to the true annoyances of Rotterdam!