Improvisation is the keyword. In the attic of the Poortgebouw, improvisation doesn’t only refer to the oft associated jazz derive (although definitely integral) rather the desire to create an unpredictable evening without a pre-defined program shaped by labels (goth-night, hiphop-night, movie-night) and codified expectations. It is a temporary open podium once a month (usually) for individuals who have an idea to test it in the company of others. Ideally, some coincidental overlaps emerge and breed something new. The dynamic of each evening created by the blurred border between audience and participants is unique and unrepeatable. On these evenings the legendary vegetarian Eetcafé is pulled up the stairs into the attic. Often we also have special guest cooks trying out their culinary experiments on a few dozen hungry people.

Guest Performances: Persona Non Grata (H), Dutch Conspiracy, Les Ormores, Sauna West, Joe & Vanita Monk, Reverend Steve Johnson Leyba, ZeroGLab Nanofestival, The Woorddansers, The Rastaman, MC Majestic, DJ Sandra, Malik, Martinez, Mohammed, members of the R’dam Improvisatie Poel, The Dance Academy and the Conservatorium (not to mention the numerous Poortgebouwers) and many more.


DEC 8. 2002
JAN 19. 2003
FEB 16. 2003
MAR 16. 2003
APR 20. 2003
MAY 2003
JUN 22. 2003
SEP 2003
DEC 2003
JAN 2004

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