In the Inn of World Port's End, which may or may not exist, don't ask me, there are more rooms than I have ever seen in a bar anywhere.

Not that I hang out in bars in the real world. Whatever that is. ("It's not a bar," the Innkeeper told me, as she showed me upstairs. "It's an INN.")

I'd been listening to stories all night, which all seemed to have gone on longer than it should have, whiled the storm howled and screamed and rumbled outside, and suddenly I couldn't take it anymore.





The Poortgebouw

You drive under it everyday having never discovered it. A national heritage monument. The castle of Loedwijk Pincoffs. gekraaked in 1980. A symbol of Rotterdam (although it is not in the one-liner skyline). Through suspicious deal, government sold the house to private developers/owners de groene groep. The clock is ticking.

The People

It is not a squat. 30 some individuals pay rent sharing space. Anarchists. Students. Artists. Hip-Hop DJs. Vegans. Architects. Innbetweeners. Name it. But each as a piece in all of us, as no individual is so classifiable. Living different. No consensus reality but a common understanding, a passion for the place. The Poortgebouw is home. The ghosts speak to us, to each in a personal way. We're not the same.


Once a month, the attic (de zolder) is open to invited public to experience the 'Bestaande Toestand' of it's constant change. While most of our Kop van Zuid neighbours are watching TV, we host unprogrammed evenings where diverse characters and talents can intersect and perform under one roof. Interdisciplinary in a manner that implodes art council applications, the essential ingredient to Theatic is the unpredictable flavour of improvisation and surprise.

On the December 8 menu of illusions, the evening opened with the documentary film ’UNSPEAKABLE: The life and art of Steven Johnson Leyba’. Soon we had discovered in the mushroom blue luminescence that 60 people had accumulated in the spatious attic. The legendary Eetcafe set the stage for the rest of the evening's uncertain (even to us organizers) yet continuous and dynamic line-up of improv sound and image shows. Our technology was hijacked by In-house and outside combinations of sub-cultural mega-stars keeping the audience warm from the chill with experimental short films to classical and contemporary solos duos trios. Special guests Black Swastika, San Francisco based performance artists, made a surprise poetic rant with one member of Loggia Nera who brought his synthesizer on his bike.

Next Theatic: January 19, 2003. Bring your instrument!