NAME: Broedplaats a.k.a. Breeding Ground a.k.a. Brutplatz
ORIGIN: [Middle English breden, from Old English brdan. See bhreu- in Indo-European Roots.]
PROFILE: A physical or conceptual space of experiment, evolving ideas, visions and utopia, challenge of present social and political norms, innovation, irritation, subversion, controversion, critic, fantasy;
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Inherently unconformist to or questioning established value-and power sytems and social behaviour rules; therefore should be considered inherently political, not commercially calculable, transcultural,-disciplinary, often complicated, unpopular and artistic. see image
LAST SEEN: Possible guest appearance in February 2002 at a symposia (held by the Vereniging Poortgebouw and Groen Links) where the uncertain futures of the Poortgebouw, Baroeg and WORM were discussed under the name “cultural breeding grounds”.
SITUATION: Broedplaats has probably been abducted by cultural mutineers in the Rotterdam area. It is likely in danger to be assimilated into the commercial language of “club-sector” podia and other embedded networks. Observed rhetoric abuse include so far: (night) club, bar, venue-podia, start-up company in the AV and event-managment/marketing sector.
RANSOM: Of_Cors, now(+wow)adays, it’s All About money.

PLANNED COURSE OF ACTION: Do not use the word “Broedplaats” anymore especially in combination with matters of art and culture in Rotterdam. Because of the present high-risk alert the WHY Konsulat advises authentic cultural breeding grounds who are not afraid of the dirt, to use the following surrogate as temporary disguise:

broodplaats, broekplaats, broedselplaats, bruutplaats, brdplts, bloedplaats...


Beware! Negligent or accidental usage or practice of "broedplaats" may result in an security camera from the apathetic SCHOON, HEEL en VEILIG regime or/and a Powerpoint inspired presentation of a cultural entrepreneur in your breeding ground.
RELATED: We have reason to believe that Broedplaats’ camerade “Humuslaag” has also suffered the same fate.