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W H Y was invited to participate in "Mündig und Hörig", a October 2006 discussion during the 25th birthday of WUK in Vienna around the themes of autonomy and self-organisation. This questionairre collects the opinions, experiences and strategies of various individuals and groups in Holland (and abroad) where the issue of autonomy plays an integral role... GOTO QUESTIONAIRRE

Whether you have been there or not,

whether the city or just the word,

what does “Rotterdam” make you think of?

Security. Sicherheit. Veiligheid.

A. From whom or what do you want to be safe/protected from ?
B. Who or what should protect you ?
C. What/Who makes you presently feel safe/protected (or unsafe/unprotected)?


In distance and time, estimate how far away your bed is from your workplace?



If the city in which you live was an SM-club, what would be your occupation?