recommended special detours off the digital autobahn of consensus reality in some categories which don’t really mean much except that we take the time to put them together on this webpage and why they are useful to us.



BLACK LODGE Promoting the darker side of life in Rotterdam.
BOYDRICE.COM : Long Live Death! An archive of the work of Boyd Rice Projects. GPSM poetry: “Society, exactly as it now exists, is the ultimate expression of sadomasochism in action. This isn’t S&M as a mere game. There is no role-playing involved. The roles are all real with real masters and real servants. There is no dressing up required to be a player in this enactment. You don’t have to wear your hankerchief in a certain pocket to signal your position as a sadist or a masochist label, you simply ASSUME THE POSITION.” Also check out MR. INTOLERANCE.
More .mpg and info about Boyd Rice available on the main site.
COYOTE SATAN AMERIKA Official page of sexpressionist terrorist Reverend Steve Johnson Leyba, ritualistic, sexual and political mixed media painter and performance artist.
GENESIS P-ORRIDGE Exiled Brit Cultural Engineer behind Throbbing Gristle, Psychik TV and other revolution in consciousness.
V FOR VENDETTA Alan Moore’s anarchist without a name in fascist England in the nineties, written in the eighties, living in it now and wondering what to do? A message in a comic bottle.
ART SERVICE ASSOCIATION A point of crystallization within the different existing European networks with interdisciplinary and interactive encounters.
Reality - Performance Art - Fluxus - Boris Nieslony
Transmetropolitan's Spider Jerusalem is a raving lunatic journalist and voice of reason in a wacky futuristic urban world which looks like a Rotterdam of the not too far off future. Rightwing politicians, oppressive city police, skyscraping fortresses for yuppies, two headed cats: you've seen many visions of possible chaotic "world gone slightly mad" technologically insane futures, but rarely do the heroes of these worlds ever ask WHY with a bowel disruptor. Thank the mind of Warren Ellis.
URBAN EXPLORATION IN ROTTERDAM Petr Kazil’s labyrinthine archive of mind-altering stories of explorations and other ways of interacting with cities.
KATJA’S BUS The story (Dutch) about the vehicle that brought WHY to the Poortgebouw and what it takes to fly it.
ZEROGLAB independent art-lab, Nanofestival for short movies, conscious of what is going on in R:dam see Blog, Samizdat Überground, good link list
FRANS MASEREEL the greatest wood cut artist of our time.
Check Graphic Witness’ collection “Die Stadt.”
Reports from Stalindam. (In Dutch)
Weblog from a Cuckoo in the shadows of the White Cubes of Rotterdam.
MONOCHROM monochrom is an art-technology-philosophy group of basket weaving enthusiasts and theory do-it-yourselfers having its seat in Vienna and Zeta Draconis. monochrom is the super-affirmation of the globalization trap.
LITANY Frequently updated Subconscious information on Skinny Puppy, Download, OHGR and related projects. By insiders Scott and Corey.
CLOUD ZERO The official web home and electronic archives of the Legendary Pink Dots
LUKAS SIMONIS Rotterdam. Strange place. Strange people.
MONASTERY Wandering Creatures from Antarctica: Joe and Vanita Monk.


ROOM 17C Declaring wurst on consensus reality in a Rotterdam household. We copy much of our work from them.
BILDERBERG.ORG: “The High Priests of Globalisation” Of interest regarding the elections in Canada in 2004. What is Bilderberg? History of Bilderberg Conference's founder Prince Bernhard. (Unfortunately, WHY The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds did not sponsor W H Y is not listed.) Celebrate Queen's Day? Exposing the Dutch Royal Family.
INTERNATIONAL DADA ARCHIVE University of Iowa’s vault on Dadaism.
Lots of images.
CINEAC PIETJE BELL Online episode archive of local R:dam TV programs such as Stad op Straat (great intro), Onverwacht op de Koffie, Art or Fart? Real Player req.
RED-HAIRED BARBARIANS International Institute of Social History: “Red-Haired Barbarians”, 40 Japanese prints of the Dutch in Nagasaki and Yokohama (1800 - 1865)
VIDEODROME SAMPLES: “CIVIC TV. the one you take to bed with you.” There is nothing real outside our perception of reality. Reality is on the verge of changing into a mesh between day to day experience and hallucination based on television and video images. Hail Cronenberg!
ALTERNET is a project of the Independent Media Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent and alternative journalism.
INDYMEDIA NL Vrij Media Centrum Nederland Indymedia NL is een onafhankelijk lokaal en mondiaal vrij communicatie orgaan.
Exposing the New World Order
ADVICE FOR A DICTATOR: And for Those Who Want to Become One by Joseph Goebbels: “A further reason for the necessity of propaganda, according to Party Comrade Dr. Goebbels is that it must be tailored to the understanding and receptivity of the people. Some maintain that it is increasingly necessary to increase the intellectual level of our propaganda, particularly speeches. On the contrary, our meetings are intended for the entire people and must therefore be put in a form that everyone can understand. The task of propaganda is not to complicate things, but to simplify them. It should not present many problems, rather only a few that can be put in a clear way to the people.”
STADSKRANT ROTTERDAM Archive of Rotterdam’s monthly right-wing government propaganda paper. Unfortunately, print terminated end 2003. Collection of right evidence in Dutch.
666 IS COMING Soft-core eschatology. The rest of the Dial-the-truth Ministries site is also amusing.


THE PHONE COMPANY FREE E-FAX ! Remote Printing Service a collection of FAX servers you may use to send a fax to many locations around the world.
HITCHHIKERS.ORG ALT.Mobility infrastructure for transdimensional tourists. Sustaining the art of Hitching on the web.
SPACELAUNCHER Been seeing weird things in the sky? Check the Orbital Report for latest launches to confirm your suspicion that you have been seeing UFOs.
FUCKU-FUCKME The ultimate remote sex solution!
DOT.TK The cover URL provider from Tokelau. Still don’t really know where it is but they provide a decent service and it helps the country.
STATCOUNTER For the statistic fetishist and the egoist: Hours of fun finding out too much about where people are coming from who check your site. It’s free. Watch Echelon watch you.


CITY OF DREAMS J. Michael Straczynski’s Internet radio show of A world of stories about madmen, dreamers, and fanatics, designed for the imagination, the theatre of the mind.
TRAILERPARK BOYS A phenomenological map of the hidden universe truths manifested in a Nova Scotian trailerpark. You don't have to be Canadian to understand it, eh. Fourth season currently being downloaded in South Korea and mailed to WHY Headquarters. Check the Episode Guide for the background if you are just tuning in.
THE VAULTS OF EROWID Online library of information containing over 20,000 documents related to psychoactives including images, research summaries & abstracts, media articles, experience reports, information on chemistry, dosage, effects, law, health, traditional & spiritual use, and drug testing.

THX-1138 George Lucas’ visionary first movie in 1968. New Director’s Cut DVD Promo website gives tour of the scenes that designers have hacked for decades and the quotes you've inevitably heard in one or another dark industrial gothic pessimystic song. Also check this multimedia archive. Are you properly sedated?

Vertigo Interview with Neil Gaiman over the new Sandman stories: ENDLESS NIGHTS. Visit the personal site of the recommended by WHY “city writer” (amongst other titles) of the Sandman series, Neverwhere, American Gods here.
ONG’S HAT A man throws his hat in a tree thus creating an interdimensional gateway.


POORTGEBOUW.NL : Finally windows into the unique 23-year story of the Poortgebouw in Rotterdam are online. Early marked by W H Y as a softplace for transdimensional tourists (see sub_text), the PG is a freezone bastion in a monumental gate building on the Kop van Zuid. (And currently hosts W H Y headquarters.) But the future, as always with such places, is uncertain...