in the carthography of the invisible, the other Rotterdam lies innbetween its factual history and its imagined utopias. do not trust your eyes when using the other 80 % of your brain... and ask WHY.


The Rotterdam Cathedral. (31.6 x 42.1 cm) 1913. This is a view of the Rotterdam Cathedral rendered in a portrait orientation, showing the streets bustling with early morning activity. It was most likely painted in Rotterdam after May 26th, 1913, when Hitler moved into the Thyssen Residence... more


CIVIC TV was a one-day summit showcasing critical and subversive alternatives to the indoctrinated understanding of civic “normality”. Images courtesy of the Easylife of Alexei Shulgin.


The first episode (uraufführung) of CIVIC TV is a one day event that will present various approaches to understand, use & criticise the urban environment and how these practices are sustained. CIVIC TV will be a unique opportunity for those interested in alternative mental and spatial engineering to meet... more


“The task of propaganda is not to complicate things, but to simplify them. It should not present many problems, rather only a few that can be put in a clear way to the people.”

W H Y: V B N R (valid but not recommended)

VBNR needs new owners. Why not squat the logo like a vast mansion with random subjectivity? For a vast act of pre-emptive Maasdadaism in your public space, we ask for your personal imaginations of the new meaning for the sign and acronym "VBNR" could be in a few lines, a sketch or architectural blueprints... more

W H Y: 1989

Twilight round the Rijnhaven area, one can not miss this building-block crowned with a huge sign “1989” glowing green.As suspicious inhabitants of a region bordering the former ostblock the WHY agents initially thought 1989 is safely connected to epochal political changes of the 20th century... more

THE SANDMAN DOSSIER: R[other]dam is Many Skylines

These variations of the skyline, and there are many, testify to this desperate attempt to “collage” together an identity. They don't even take the best parts, just the highest parts, the monuments to capital and tourism, all the parts that the most of us have never been in. There is no “Manhattan on the Maas” and I hope there never will be... more

INNBETWEEN: The Lloydpier Fieldtrip

how long will they be there? where did it go? it is dirty and uninviting, dark and ominous, inaccessible. old brick building fragments mutants beside a clean glass and steel fassade, across the street the abandoned yet imposing St. Jobsveen, thought i saw one of the doors up there open... more