The WHY in Rotterdam exists innbetween the consensus reality or factual history and it’s hidden legends and imagined utopias. Rotterdam’s constant reconstruction complex has created doors, softplaces of coincidence in the incomplete urban fabric where realities overlap and juxtapose unpredictably. In the shadow of the skyline, an Other Rotterdam lies sleeping, stretched out like a cat along the wharfs of the Maas. You just have to see it.

But with a battlecry of SCHOON, HEEL, VEILIG and the impossible desire to be finished, there is a threat to pre-emptively erase these invisible territories. The creative chaos of these breeding grounds succumbs to a new Order whose repressive tolerance gentrifies the diversity and prescribes apartheid.

Incompleteness is beautiful, uncertainty is healthy, schizophrenia is reasonable.

As the metaphoric PhotoShop™ layers are being flattened locally and globally, meanwhile WHY is an etymologic declaration of pre-emptive wurst against this terrorist act on the Other. In this virtual cabinet, storytelling weapons are being developed to amplify the uncanny interconnections, translate the preverbal suspicions and stimulate therapeutic erections in the City of Architecture.



WHY looks with many I’s and is in constant pursuit of more urban search engines. A vast network of WHY agents contribute to this interfection (whether they know it or not) and since you have read this far, you might as well too. If WHY sponsors the unplanned 80 % of your brain but you otherwise would express it in different words, images or languages, find out exactly what is meant to be abducted Innbetween.


is Innbetween.