the long awaited fusion/merge of music and revolution. learn about and contribute to the baptism of sounds thoughts and styles that reflect and innfluence not only the accounts of Warner Brothers but us. Artifacts generated by your listening environment are an intrinsic part of the experience. (COIL)


WHY CANADA Agent Heathen recently has infiltrated the broadcast waves of CJSR, a university radio station in Edmonton, Alberta, through their open request for deejays. With two channels secured for subconscious communication, “Eclectic” and “World Music” (of which neither genre can we decifer the meaning), WHY Rotterdam searches the monolith at headquarters for some tracks that you might not hear in the planet’s largest shopping mall.

Melodie der EU

Found this transcription of Robert Schumann’s “Melodie” by (unemployed) Czech Violinist R. Cernak parallel to May 2004 EU east expansion. The irony of graduating from likely one of the most difficult programs in the world and still won’t be able to stay longer than 3 months in Netherlands. Also see “Rotterdam bans Artists”.

Götterdämmerung’s Marc Bijl asks WHY Gothic

Can there be any liberation for the expression “Gothic” from the current nostalgic retro scene and it’s mass-produced monogothic fashion accessories? We find ourselves in a time which induces a distinct bitter feeling of “gothic”-ness in free-thinking individuals but are no longer able to use the word without risking association with romantic 80’s clichés... more

Will the real HipHop please stand up, please stand up.

...since that day I loved the sound of a synthesizer and I always asked "what’s that sound?" and he always said: "A synthesizer." So I wanted to be a synthesizer. I thought a synthesizer is someone just like a drummer, you know?... more


we are nor sure if its the right entrance, hand-written doorsigns don’t suggest any public accessibility. no "bar", no "concert". up there, behind one of the lit windows someone empties steamy spaghetti-water into the sink... more