Rotterdam— As all of you might well know, WORM was awarded the celebrated Prix Becque 2001 for “Optimaal Ruimtegebruik” at the dS+V (Rotterdam City Planning) party at De Doelen this past December. An impeccable integration of record shop, concert hall, living room and subcultural infrapoint, the WORM headquarters flattened all competition, leaving even local architect Rem Koolhaas frustrated by the unprecedented multifunctional symbiosis. Nevertheless, Rotterdam’s insatiable constant reconstruction complex, where money is the consensus measuring stick of VALUE, must manufacture consent to shape the superreality of the one-liner skyline. Last year’s winners must be evicted from their throne due to the impending sloop to make way for the 9-to-5 Rennie Zuid Markt complex.

The invisible values were left uncalculated by the red pens of the wallet mentality constructing reality in the City of Architecture. But these opgeleverd fortresses are haunted by the urban Golems of The Other Side. At the end of reason, there is no WHY. Sensing the metaphoric flattening of the PhotoShop™ layers the consulting Transdimensional Tourists realised that to construct new realities, one must first (re)discover new measuring sticks. In a potent act of art in public space, an immanent criticism appropriate for the MENTAL PORT, the nomadic Discordians interfected a compensation for this oversight: the issuing of a new currency of imagination and another measuring stick of value: the WORM.

Reality is Maasdada! The municipal government recently approved the proposal and accepted the on par with the €. With this issue, 125 000 WORM were injected into the market of the Manhattan on the Maas. The meaningful architecture of Rochussenstraat 169 has overruled the otherwise identity-less symbolism of Europe’s currency of choice.

Validate the new currency of imagination! Download your 50 WORM and exercise your new-found purchasing power... but remember to share.

Nai Director Aaron Betsky says “this proposal is one of the most lively, intelligent and well-thought out I have seen in a long time.”




What does 50 WORM get you these days, you might ask?

-LUXURY! Hoogbouw improvisatie processen: a glamourous evening of dancing to Pierre Verbeek’s industrial Chello sessions in a loft of your choice from 10 previously inaccessible highrises. Sip a glass of ruby-red Euroshopper Corbusier wine in the glow of the psychedelic screensavers of a deserted Verzerkeringen office...

-FAME! Infect V2’s archive of data-knitted meta-sweaters with 800 Gigabytes of your reality politics and your guest-appearance at all Legendary Pink Dots concerts in the NL (next: May 14th in Amsterdam)!

-SECURITY! Rent the Beveiligungspersonaal (choose between red or blue jackets) in your neighbourhood to serve and protect your right for individuality.

-ORGASMS! stimulate therapeutic erections with a hit of transdimensional tourism at the Innbetween on Lloydpier.

You are now authorized to INVEST IN ANOTHER ROTTERDAM! Beyond this Reich of self-services, a 50 WORM customized with your personal index on the back gets you EUROFREE ACCESS of this month’s luxurious, famous, secure and orgasmatic EVENTS MARKED WITH THE WORM SIGN!

Remember: Your Supermacht of ideas, too, is worth 8 BILLION WORM!








Since INNBETWEEN hijacked the monthly print menstruation of the WORM publication in Rotterdam, 2,500 fifty WORM notes appeared in coffeeshops, music stores, bars and cultural institutions across the city. A noticeable crack in the consensus reality construct has become visible.The first symptoms were reported when investor confusion rocked the stock markets of South Holland and Albert Heijn activists introduced a WORM Bonus card valid for all mind-altering ingredients of the WHY diversity salads and quality Euroshopper Products. Meanwhile, autonomous tactical brigades of guerilla Beveiligungspersonaal have occupied the V2_ Institute for Unstable Media demanding a more profound Golemization of their data-knitted infosweaters and nationally recent Legendary Pink Dots concerts are rumored to have been lasting 8 hours on average.

To satisfy the high demand for the WORM, the Senior Controller of the Golden Star Bank of the INNBETWEEN E-Commerce Cell Igor Kempinski has presented this special offer to cater to the fantasies of their online clientelle. For the true Rotterdadaists who worship the Maas-distributed clone, we encourage you to frequently download the WORM to finance your own vegetable kingdom*! IF you are a collector of authentic Innbetween Lemon Merchandising in search for the original print you might be able to reserve a limited edition first print 1-2,500 by contacting worm@wormweb.nl. ACT NOW before the second edition is issued!

*Broccoli : COIL