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ANGEWANDTE – University of Applied Arts Vienna, AT : Diverse image brochures (2013–2018), curricula, competition texts, and press releases for Public Relations, Event Management Dept. and Studies Dept.; Project descriptions and artists’ texts for diverse departments. > Arts & Science : Publication An Envelope for Arts, Sciences, Politics and Us (SpringerWienNewYork, 2011). > Digital Art : Projects texts for The Essence exhibition; BITORESC exhibition catalog (2017); article “Seeing how you see” on the work of Ruth Schnell  > ecm : Project and curatorial texts for the Out of the Box exhibition of PEEK Program for Arts-based Research (2014). > Graphic Design : Peer Review for the Kartak class. > TransArts : Projects texts for The Essence exhibition; jʊkstapoziˈʦi̯oːnən exhibition in the Salon für Buchkunst, 21er Haus (2016).  – DE-EN/EN-DE translation & copyediting [2010-2019].


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BÖNSCH, Roman, Vienna AT : Documentation of the construction of Vienna Main Station Wien Hauptbahnhof, (Birkhäuser, 2015); Documentation of the extension and transformation of Vienna Airport VIE metamorphosis (SpringerWienNewYork, 2012); Documentation of the history and demolition of Vienna South Station Wien Südbahnhof – Bestand und Abbruch (SpringerWienNewYork, 2011) : DE-EN translation & copyediting [2011-2015].


BRAND UNIT, Vienna AT : Vienna Fashion Codex guide through Vienna's fashion scene for the 12 festival for fashion & photography DE-EN translation & copyediting [2012-2014].

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DITTLER, Iris, Vienna AT : Text "The Synesthetic Field" and essays about the performative works of the artist DE-EN translation [2018].


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DVOŘÁK, Sophie, Vienna AT : Articles on the work of the artist from the publication Aa–Zy Von der Poetik des enzyklopädischen Bildes DE-EN translation [2014-2015].


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GUGGING MUSEUM, Kosterneuburg AT : Complete exhibition program and press texts, website relaunch (2017-2018); Exhibition texts for “Jean Dubuffet’s Art Brut – The Origins of the Collection” (curated by Sarah Lombardi, Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne – DE-EN translation [2016-2019].


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HANL, Maria, Vienna AT : English version of the essay “The Beautiful Form, the Time, the Collapse” by Synne Genzmer on the works of the artist (2017) – DE-EN translation [2017-2018].


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HELBOCK, Christian, Vienna AT : Articles for book project Soul Love on soul music – DE-EN translation [2008].


JEWISH MUSEUM VIENNA, Vienna AT : Interviews and film subtitles for the exhibition "The Place to Be. Salons Spaces of Emancipation. EN-DE translation [2018-2019].


JOVIS VERLAG GmbH, Berlin DE : Diverse texts and project descriptions in the Metropolis catalog for the interim report of the Internationale Bauausstellung IBA Hamburg – DE-EN translation [2010].


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DAS KLINGENDE MUSEUM, Berlin|Hamburg DE: Press and concept texts for the musical instrument museum for children – DE-EN translation [2011-2013].


KARGL, Michael, Vienna AT : PEEK research project originalcopy together with Franz Thalmair; Dissertation of the subject of performative materiality – DE-EN translation & copyediting [2016-2019].


KNOECHL, Birgit, Vienna AT : Articles and project descriptions on the work of the artist in Aspects of Growth (Verlag für Moderne Kunst, 2016) – DE-EN translation [2015-2016].


KUNSTHALLE EXNERGASSE | WUK, Vienna AT : Annual program catalogs, program summaries, exhibition booklets, and project descriptions for the exhibition space in WUK – DE-EN/EN-DE translation & copyediting [2005-2019].


KUNSTRAUM NIEDEROESTERREICH, Vienna AT : Complete exhibition program and project descriptions, press material, and catalogs for the Lower Austrian art space with a focus on performance art – DE-EN translation [2015-2019].


LIFE BALL, Vienna AT : Life Ball Magazine documenting 20 years of the AIDS benefit event and the activities of the association, commissioned by Echo Media Verlag – DE-EN translation [2012].


LISSEL, Edgar, Vienna AT : PEEK arts-based research project RESET THE APPARATUS! (2017-2019); Articles and project descriptions on the work of the photographer in the English supplement to Vom Werden und Vergehen der Bilder DE-EN translation & copyediting [2017-2019].


MAK – Museum of Applied Arts | Contemporary Art, Vienna AT : Publication and DIY instruction manual Nomadic Furniture 3.0, eds. Thomas Geisler et al. (niggli, 2016), update to Victor Papanek’s 1973/74 original –  DE-EN translation & copyediting [2016].


MARBOE, Irmgard, Vienna AT : Chapters of the habilitation treatise The Calculation of Compensation and Damages in International Law (Oxford University Press, 2009) – DE-EN translation, proofreading & formatting [2007-2009].


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MEMOS – Verein für Erinnerungskultur zu Krisen und Konflikten, Berlin DE : Press and website material DE-EN translation [2010-2018].


MISTELBACH INTERNATIONAL PUPPET THEATER DAYS, Mistelbach AT : Festival programme and press material of the best traditional and modern productions in the realm of puppet, figure, and object theater DE-EN translation & copyediting [2017-2019].


MLENEK, Hannes, Vienna AT : Diverse essays and articles about the artist's performative painting works in the monograph Hannes Mlenek Der Erreger 2013/2017 (Verlag fr Moderne Kunst, 2018) DE-EN translation & copyediting [2017-2018].


MUMOK, Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna AT : Article by Matthias Michalka ‘Simon Denny. The Personal Effects of Kim Dotcom’ in the same-titled exhibition catalog – DE-EN translation [2013]; Exhibition catalog Maks Cieslak – Art is a Forbidden Fruit Marmalade and Art Photography Fund catalog – DE-EN translation & copyediting [2011].


NÖ FESTIVAL-Ges.m.b.H., Krems AT : Press texts and project descriptions for IMAGO DEI | Musik zur Osterzeit, GLATT&VERKEHRT | Festival für zeitgenössische und traditionelle Musik, KONTRASTE KREMS | Festival für Klangexperimente, zeitgenössische Musik und anverwandte Kunstformen – DE-EN/EN-DE translation & copyediting [2012-2019]. See also: donaufestival.


NOFRONTIERE DESIGN AG, Vienna AT : Press texts, project and exhibition concepts, design and communication concepts – DE-EN translations, copyediting & proofreading; Publication In the Place of Coincidence, eds. P. Blakeney, Ralf Herms (Gingko Press, 2000) – original texts, DE-EN translations, copyediting & proofreading [1998-2001].


PAErsche AKTIONSLABOR | Boris Nieslony, Cologne DE : Structural concept for the East-West performance art study project “The Art of Encountering VI” – DE-EN translation [2014-2015].


PETAR PETROV, Vienna AT : Brand profile for the Austrian fashion designer – DE-EN translation & copyediting [2014].


POORTGEBOUW, Vereniging, Rotterdam NL : Interview in the Piet Zwart Experimental Publishing book A Bed, A Chair and A Table about the Poortgebouw in the context of the squatting movement in Rotterdam (2018); Diverse historical, architectural and legal documents, artistic/musical program and press texts – NL-EN/DE translations, copywriting and communication concepts (2002-2009); Article “Inhabitants Collectives” in Les coopératives d’habitants: Méthodes, pratiques et formes d’un autre habitat populaire, ed. Y. Maury (Bruylant, 2009) – concept and original text, copyediting [2002-2009, 2017-2019].


PRESSL, Wendelin, Vienna AT : Essays on the work of the artist in the publication Luna Park (Berlin: Revolver Publishing, 2015) DE-EN translation [2014-2015, 2019].


REDAKTIONSBUERO OST, Vienna AT : Diverse interviews and texts in collaborations with the international editorial network; Interviews and reportage about the other side of Vienna for the city blog “c/o VIENNA” (2014-2018); Video subtitle translations and formatting for the departure exhibition “Tomorrow is…” (MAK, 2014); Company profile for new web presence of the CEE law firm Schönherr Attorneys at Law (2014) – DE-EN translation & copyediting [2014-2019].


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SAXPUBLISHERS, Vienna AT : German version of the essay "A Ballet without Music" by Orit Gat on the work of photographer Buck Ellison (2018); English version of essays for the artist's book Als Wir Pltzlich Keine Stars Mehr Waren (2017); Website and press texts for the artist book publishers DE-EN/EN-DE translation & copyediting [2014-2019].


SCHAFLER, Klaus, Vienna AT : Curatorial and artist texts for the exhibition "Fleeting Territories" at Kunstraum N (2017); Cooling Station exhibition brochure for REGIONALE12 (2012); Hacking the Future and Planet, publication exploring geoengineering phenomena (Folio Verlag, 2012); Art project descriptions for website portfolio DE-EN translation (2006) DE-EN/EN-DE translation & copyediting [2006-2017].


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WEINGUT VELICH, Apetlon AT : Website for winery, wine selection and residence – DE-EN translation [2011].


WERNER, Christine, Vienna AT : Art project descriptions for website portfolio; Essay "Healing New York A Conflict of Symbols" by Andrea Gnam on the Ground Zero project DE-EN translation [2016-2018].


WUK – Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus, Vienna AT : Complete English version of the sociocultural center's website (2010-2011); Monthly art, performance, music, and culture event agenda (2010-2018); Conference material for the international Trans Europe Halles Meeting #81 It's (About) Politics (2016) DE-EN translation & copyediting [2009-2019].


ZINGANEL | HIESLMAIR, Michael, Vienna AT : Diverse texts on mapping mobility and migration for the STOP+GO and Tracing Spaces projects DE-EN translation & copyediting [2014-2019].


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