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Franz Thalmair & Michael Kargl (eds.)
De Gruyter 2019

The practice of copying has become omnipresent yet invisible, both in the digital realm and in the analog world. The arts-based research project originalcopy—Post-Digital Strategies of Appropriation proposes a working model that subjects the dichotomy of original and copy to a re-evaluation from a post-digital perspective and sheds light on this contradictory phenomenon.
Texts: Christian Höller, Annette Gilbert, Andrei Siclodi, Kenneth Goldsmith, Boris Groys, among others
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NÖ Festivals
cooperation 2016–2019

Routes, Travels, Paths – All music tells of being on the move. All music also tells about identity and belonging. Music, the most unfathomable of all the arts, only exists in the moment it sounds out, yet it gives people stability and refuge. Glatt&Verkehrt 2019 features 17 tightly packed festival days with 32 events, including 21 concerts, plus a series of introductory talks and table music.
Texts: Albert Hosp et al.
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Edgar Lissel, Gabriele Jutz, Nina Jukic (eds.)
De Gruyter 2019

RESET THE APPARATUS! was an arts-based research project, which investigated practices that are motivated by the idea of the photographic and the filmic but do not necessarily result in photographs or films—deviant and/or expanded uses of media, artworks that modify, repurpose, or even dismantle the conventional apparatus or dispositif and exemplify the myriad ways how it can be "reset".
Texts: Alejandro Bachmann, Gustav Deutsch, Miklós Peternák, Ferdinand Schmatz, among others
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