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Michael Zinganel & Michael Hieslmair (eds.)
Sternberg Press 2019

This book presents transdisciplinary case studies in the geographical triangle of Vienna, Tallinn, and Helsinki and the Bulgarian-Turkish border. Each contribution investigates how the networks and temporary habitats of mobile actors along these road corridors have undergone and continue to undergo significant changes before and after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the enlargement of the EU, and the re-expansion of transport infrastructure.
Texts by the editors.
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Kunsthalle Exnergasse
cooperation 2005–2020

Selected exhibition titles from 30 years of the KEX form the departure point for a series of KEX Open events. Each event is dedicated to one title and organized into three parts: a prologue, an artistic intervention, and an informal conclusion. Directly or indirectly, the titles transport the discourse held in the KEX over the years, be it about art, artistic production and the art system, or political, economic, and philosophical questions.
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Prologue with FREIBESETZT at <rotor> center for contemporary art, Graz.

Christina Nägele, Heidi Pretterhofer & Christian Teckert

The multipart project series investigated the spatial impacts of a cognitive capitalism characterized by immaterial labor, deregulation, and precarious identity concepts. The corresponding urban form is the project-based polis in which the constant demand for self-optimization and performance blends with the algorithmic figures of (in)dividualization.
Texts: the editors, Andreas Spiegl, Urban Subjects
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